Dxb runners was founded in October 2020 during of one of the worst pandemics recorded. Due to travel restrictions Zimbabwean businesses were cut off from UAE’s marketplace. We built a B2b & B2C supply chain solution to address the limitations which were created by travel restrictions. Not only did we do that:

– We have established strong business relationships with multiple suppliers across different industries. It’s these strategic partnerships that very helped us leverage for the best prices and regulate the quality of the products we offer, providing best value for you.

– We created alliances with the most prominent logistics partners, who have allowed us to be reliable in our lead time and more importantly transparent in communication.

Our priority is to remain true to our promise of reliability, professionalism & convenience. It’s through this commitment that we have managed to;

– fulfill over 800 orders to over 250 customers,

– Build partnerships with businesses in Hre, Chegutu, Bulawayo, Gweru, Plumtree and counting.

What to expect?

– quality products

– Timely deliveries

– Order tracking with automated sms/email updates

– First world shopping experience