Name: Marjorie Nothando
Surname: Muchena
Nickname: Marj
City 1: Bulawayo
City 2: Harare
City 3: Gwanda
City 4: Hwange
City 5: Victoria Falls
City 6: Gweru
Country: Zimbabwe
Phone number: +263 7 84281131

* Sales Pitch*
Results oriented Business owner with experience in procurement .Skilled at creating new relationships and maintaining strong customer relations to generate repeat business. 
Why choose me?
Effective communication skills 
- Speed and efficiency 
- Fluent in Ndebele, Shona, English 
- Ability to build relationships with clients hence creating a friendly atmosphere 
- being a consumer of the same market myself I find pleasure In serving people with the same interests
Fun fact
I’m a lawyer by profession but I feel like I’ve done everything BUT practice ?, from being a farmer , to a youth facilitator, business owner ( Corporate Events Facilitator) , to retail . I love exploring.