Name: Tjenisani Nleya
Surname: Nleya
Nickname: Tjenisani
City 1: Harare
City 2: Bulawayo
City 3: Gweru
City 4: Mutare
City 5: Kwekwe
City 6: Kadoma
Country: Zimbabwe
Phone number: 0775203271


Sales Agent Name
Tjenisani Nleya
A passionate individual for customer satisfaction with years of experience makes me the ideal choice for your needs.
Why choose me:
I strongly believe in building long-term relationships with my clients. I prioritize understanding their unique goals, needs, and preferences, ensuring that I deliver tailored solutions to meet their expectations. By providing personalized service, I aim to create a positive and memorable experience that customers appreciate and remember.
Funny Fact:
Despite my immaculate organizational skills when it comes to serving clients, I have an amusing habit of misplacing my own personal belongings. From my keys mysteriously ending up in the fridge to my phone hiding in the laundry basket, it's a comical jumble that always keeps me on my toes. I suppose my impeccable salesmanship skills don't extend to keeping track of my own belongings!