Push Along Ball Popping Plastic Octopus With Removable Handle


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Push Along Ball Popping Plastic Octopus With Removable Handle



  • Thrilling ball popping octopus with long handle to push along, Perfect companion for first attempts to walk
  • Hours of fun: Popping of balls by pushing and turning the octopus, Promotion of motor skills
  • Removable handle for easy storage, Soft castors to protect the floor from scratches
  • Made of high-quality and durable material
  • Keeps your kid engage for a long time


The colourful educational toys from Playgro promote the development of babies and toddlers in a way that is appropriate for their age. They take into account the sensory, motor and mental abilities that vary according to age and support the corresponding development. Thanks to the innovative age group concept, the child’s imagination grows with each age group. From 12 months onwards, babies can already communicate with words instead of gestures and their motor skills are developed to the point where they can hold on and pull themselves up anywhere. At this stage of development, babies become more inventive when playing and have perfected their thumb and index finger grip so that they can handle their toys more precisely. The Playgro Push Animal with ball game in a cute octopus shape is the ideal companion in this phase and not only sharpens senses such as seeing, hearing and feeling, but also supports your child in its first attempts at walking.While sitting, the 4 structured balls can be thrown into the top of the octopus and taken out again under its tentacles. This supports the development of gross and fine motor skills. The rotating handle encourages the little ones to walk, because when they move the colourful octopus turns and shoots the balls out. This trains the understanding of cause and effect.The handle can be removed quickly and easily for space-saving storage and the soft wheels protect the floor from scratches. After use, the octopus can simply be wiped with a damp cloth so that your little ones can enjoy it for a long time.


Product Weight 638.49 g
BPA Free Yes
Target Age Range 12 + Months
Colour Name Multicolour
Country of Origin China
Department Baby Unisex
Material Plastic
Model Number PG4086374
Product Height 7.87 inch
Product Length 8.5 inch
Product Weight 1 kg
Product Width/Depth 7.76 inch
Target Age Range Upto 12 Months


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