SammyRay | Lovers’ sweet-tooth


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SammyRay | Lovers’ sweet-tooth


Size: 8 inches

Chocolate cake covered with fondant, accessorized with roses, chocolate stix, and Ferreri Rocher.

Only Available in Bulawayo


About the Seller

SammyRay Luxury moments is a bakery and cards and gift shop.

For the Love of baking, I have catapulted myself from baking for only just my family and friends but sharing these goodies with everyone else. Baking for me is joy, the pictures I get from my clients smiling next to cake is refreshing.

Through my baking years, I’ve had great days and bad days… But I have continued to work and perfect my work to customer satisfaction… I’m an approachable, loving woman who has managed to build good relations with my clients and take great attention to their specific requirements and concerns.

I believe I’m the kind of lady who inspires and instills hardworking, diligence, and perfection in the eyes of those who have seen my work and have seen my work.


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